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CRIT Tribal Complex will be CLOSED Monday, February 19, 2018.


Statement from Chairman Patch to clarify misinformation

COLORADO RIVER INDIAN TRIBES---Sunday, January 21, 2018- Recently there has been a growing amount of
misinformation spread about the Tribes, in general and in particular regarding the subject of water. In the interests
of the tribal members who we proudly employ and the many thousands more who benefit from our services, we are
restating the following information.

This was originally sent out in September 2017 to all membership living on and off the reservation to show all the
effort and work we as a Council have done in securing our economic future. Please read in its entirety and if you
have any questions please contact your leadership.

Chairman Dennis Patch (928) 669-1280     Vice Chairman Keith Moses (928) 669-1222

Treasurer Valerie Welsh-Tahbo (928) 669-1235     Secretary Amelia Flores (928) 669-1221

Councilman Granthum Stevens (928) 669-1229     Councilman Robert "Bobby" Page (928) 669-1861

Councilman Johnson "JD" Fisher (928) 669-1287     Councilman Johnny Hill Jr. (928) 669-1242


Pursuant to CRIT Health and Safety Code, Article 6, Section 6-112, the Fire Chief adopts the following
rules regarding use of CRIT fire hydrants:

1) The Fire Chief finds that the unauthorized opening of CRIT fire hydrants, for example, connecting a
hose to a fire hydrant for purposes of mixing pesticides, herbicides, and/or fertilizers, is a misuse of the
hydrant system and interferes with the CRIT Fire Department emergency response duties.

2) Whenever the Fire Chief, or any other authorized employee of the CRIT Fire Department, observes
an individual opening a CRIT fire hydrant without first obtaining a written permit from the Fire Chief
pursuant to CRIT Health and Safety Code Section 6-201, the Fire Chief may order the activity stopped
and issue a written citation for civil penalties described in CRIT Health and Safety Code Section 6-123
against the individual and/or farm operator.  Failure to pay a citation is subject to additional penalties
described in CRIT Health and Safety Code Section 6-124.

3)  CRIT Health and Safety Code Section 6-201 is amended to add opening of CRIT fire hydrants as
an activity to be conducted only when approved by the Fire Chief in a written permit.

 These rules shall be effective 30 days after publication in a newspaper of general circulation.

Tribal Administrative Calendar for the Month of February 2018

For the latest Tribal Board & Committee Vacancies CLICK HERE.

Notice and Forms Regarding 2017 CRIT Tribal Distribution. If you have any questions please call the
CRIT Accounting office at (928) 669-1303.
Distribution Letter Page 1
Distribution Letter Page 2
Distribution Letter Page 3
Distribution Form For Minors Page 1
Direct Deposit Zion National Bank

Press Release Re: S.S. v. Colorado River Indian Tribes

Congratulations to our very own Mariah Jordan Sharpe the newly crowned 56th Miss Indian Arizona!
To read more of the Miss Indian Arizona Association press release go to:

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Photo credit: Ivy Ledezma for the CRIT Manataba Messenger- Northern Boundary Colorado River Indian reservation. 9/2017

Notice of Public Hearing
On a Proposed Ordinance to amend the Government Code to add a new Article 3.
Endowment Investment Fund

Proposed Draft Code
Government Code Article 3
Endowment Investment Fund

Notice to Update Addresses to All CRIT Tribal Members
The following CRIT Tribal members need to contact the CRIT Enrollment office to update their mailing addresses as soon as
possible. If you have any questions you may direct them to (928) 669-1304. Thank you.

Notice from the Colorado River Indian Tribes Office of the Attorney General:
At the Special Meeting held on June 8, 2017, Tribal Council enacted amendments to the Domestic Relations Code to include
Article 4: Paternity and Maternity.  The Amendments enacted a paternity code and reserved a section for a maternity code should
Tribal Council choose to enact a maternity code at a later date.  The paternity code governs paternity actions in the tribal court,
which seek to establish who the legal father of a child is.  A finding of paternity can be used for tribal enrollment, child support,
custody, and inheritance rights of the child. Prior to its passage, a public hearing was held on September 21, 2016 where the
Office of the Attorney General accepted written and verbal comments and answered questions on the Code.  Comments were
also solicited from the Department of Health and Social Services, Legal Aid, and the Courts.  A work session was held with Tribal
Council on February 13, 2017.  Prior to this amendment, the Tribal Court applied Arizona paternity law to cases in the court as no
CRIT law existed regarding paternity and maternity cases.  If you have any questions regarding these amendments, please contact
LeeAnne Kane at the Office
of the Attorney General at 
(928) 669-1271.  The Paternity and Maternity Code will be in effect thirty (30) days from the date of its passage, on July 8, 2017 and will be available on the CRIT website.

Colorado River Indian Tribes Chairman Dennis Patch responds to Desert Sun article.

Valley Voice: Desert projects must respect rights of ancestral peoples

Original article:


Colorado River Indian Tribes Councilwoman Amelia Flores promotes Tribes' Water Fallowing program in Tucson.
To save water, some Arizona farms temporarily cut production





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