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Fire Season Safety Inspection Residential Awareness

It's that time of year again “Fire Season” so let us help you protect your home. By following the safety tips listed below and eliminating the hazards noted, you can increase the chance of saving your home in a brush fire by 80 %. Please help us keep the Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation area safe by maintaining a “defensible space” around your home. This helps prevent the spread of wildfire to your home and property. Your support in helping to keep the C.R.I.T. Reservation safe is appreciated! If you would like to schedule an inspection or would like more information on fire safety, please feel free to contact one of our fire personnel at (928) 662-4388.

  • Clear all dead brush and weeds from around your house, outbuildings, and recreational Vehicles: leave only plants and trees. During the windy conditions that exist during a Wildland fire, flames, sparks and firebrands could travel.
  • Remove leaf clutter from your roof and gutters. During a wildland fire, leaves on the roof and/ or in the gutters could be ignited by flying embers.
  • Remove “ladder fuels”. Prune tree limbs so the Lowest is between 6' - 10' from the ground. Fire burning through tall, dry grass could ignite these limbs and climb to the top of the tree with relative ease.
  • Be careful when disposing of smoking materials, and use caution in the use of open flame.
  • Trim all dead limbs over your house garage, and trim tree limbs with in 10 feet of chimneys, vents, etc. Leaf accumulations provides fuel for a wildland fire.
  • Remove tall, dry grasses. Tall, dry grasses provide a path for fire that can lead directly to a home.
  • Smoke detectors save lives. Remember to check your battery once a month.

Please improve your address markings so that it is visible from the road so we can better serve you.

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