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When YOU have an emergency CAN WE FIND YOU?

What is the Problem?
It's more than a problem; it can be life-threatening situation! When someone calls for help on the 911 system they expect for emergency workers to arrive in the shortest time possible…that's not always possible due to small things that are not done around a home. When addressing these problems, think of yourself as an emergency worker trying to find your house…….

Although the Fire Department keeps their own maps and attempts to keep account of all of our roads, we will not always be the only ones responding to your residence, ambulance drivers not familiar with the area may respond as well as other fire departments (mutual aid) may assist us in handling your emergency. They may not be familiar as your local CRIT Fire Department with the area-which increases the importance of proper house numbering (physical address) as well as street signs. If your street sign is missing and/or damaged or you do not have one, call BIA Roads Dept. at 928-662-4358 to make a report.

If you move to a new dwelling (home, trailer, another family members home) it is a good idea to call the Fire Department to help us make sure we are aware of occupants at a new dwelling and we will be able to issue you the physical address (911 #) of your new dwelling. Some people only use a Post Office Box and do not see the need for numbering their house, that WILL NOT HELP in an emergency, you need a physical address (911 #) posted at your residence. Also some areas have several mail boxes-this may be convenient for the Postal Worker but can be a nightmare for Emergency Workers trying to find out which house is where. You will need a physical address (911#) posted AT YOUR RESIDENCE, please call the CRIT Fire Department 662-4388. It there are several forks or turn-offs before your home, place a sign at each location likely to confuse emergency workers.

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