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Federal Emergency Management Agency
Our department received a grant from FEMA in fiscal year 2004 to purchase equipment and gear for our fire crew. As you can imagine this equipment is very expensive and we are very grateful that we have received this grant because it has enabled our department to outfit twelve (12) Firefighters, our entire crew! This grant would not have been possible without the aid and expertise of Mr. Mark Sanford who applied for the grant on behalf of The Colorado River Indian Tribes Fire Department.

These tools are used for extrication in vehicle accidents, collapsed buildings, etc. Items consist of: Jaws of life, Spreader, Cutters and Rams.


This is the typical fire fighter structure gear, donned by Firefighters when responding to Structure fires. Gear consists of: Structure Jacket, Structure Pants, Firefighters Helmet and Fire Boots.

This is a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). This is the breathing unit (oxygen tank) for the firefighter worn upon entry to any structure fire. We have received twelve units, one for each firefighter.


This gear is used by our firefighter when fighting Wild land fires (brush fires). Consists of: Helmet, Pants, Jacket, Leather Gloves, Goggles amdGear Bag. Our Tribal Lands has a vast area of mesquite boughs, overgrowth of brush due to past weather conditions (rain) and plenty of out back areas, that it is vital our fire crew is trained in not only firefighting and medical response but also wild land Fire Fighting.

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