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Business Opportunities

Gaming and Lodging
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Since it opened in the late 1990s, the $52 million BlueWater Resort & Casino has become a focal point of CRIT's economic development efforts. Not only does CRIT benefit from gaming and lodging revenue, but the facility also attracts major conferences, national entertainment acts, special events and many other activities as well.

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Gaming and recreation aren't the only tourist attractions on the CRIT Reservation. The Tribes' economic development efforts have been significantly boosted by other forms of tourism as well. From the Poston Monument to the Blythe Intaglios to the CRIT Museum, there are many things to see and do on the CRIT Reservation. For more information, contact the CRIT Tourism Department at (928) 669-6757.

Real Estate

Thanks to their location along the Colorado River and its proximity to major highways and infrastructure, the last 10 years have brought explosive growth to the Colorado River communities. CRIT has been an important part of that growth with several significant real estate ventures:

  • A 140-acre industrial park with full utility services.
  • The Aha Quin Mobile Home Park, just outside of Blythe.
  • The Big River residential and commercial development, just across the river from Parker.
  • A planned Wal-Mart retail center along Highway 93 in Parker.
There are many other real estate opportunities on the CRIT Reservation as well. For more information on real estate, contact CRIT Realty at (928) 669-6800.

CRIT Farms

CRIT Farms was established in 1973 as the Tribal farming entity. It manages over 15,000 acres of alfalfa, cotton, duram wheat and many other crops. CRIT Farms' innovative approach to agriculture has made the endeavor very successful, and expanded upon its ability to grow different crops in different seasons.

CRIT Sand & Gravel

CRIT operates a sophisticated sand and gravel operation near the Colorado River, an enterprise which has generated a great deal of revenue for the community. Its materials meet and exceed all highway and construction standards. For more information, please call (928) 669-9251

Other Tribal Enterprises

  • Colorado River Building Materials is a tribally owned enterprise in Parker that provides all your hardware and building needs for construction, home improvement or maintenance. It can be reached at (928) 669-9254.
  • CRIT Utilities provides the people of CRIT with important utility services, including waste disposal, water and sewer service.
  • BlueWater Cinema's
For more information on economic development opportunities, please call the Business Enterprise Department at (928) 669-1334.

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