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Why You Will Have The Final Say On A CRIT Water Referendum That
Will Protect Our Water Rights And Allow Us To Prosper More

The Water Ordinance Page 1
The Water Ordinance Page 2
The Water Ordinance Page 3

Community Events:


January 2019 Administrative Calendar


Notice to Update Addresses to All CRIT Tribal Members
CRIT Tribal members please contact the CRIT Enrollment office to update your mailing addresses as soon as possible. If you have any questions you may direct them to their staff at (928) 669-1240, 1241 or 1304. 


The CRIT Multi-Hazard Mitigation DRAFT Plan Flyer to the Public

CRIT Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update December 2018

Region IX Tribal Hazard Mitigation Plan Review Tool




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