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News for Tuesday, July 22, 2014 | More News

The Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department is NOW hiring.
We are offering highly motivated and dedicated individuals an opportunity to either begin their career in law enforcement or transfer here to Parker, Arizona on the beautiful Colorado River. To discuss your possibilities give us a call today!
For more information or questions please contact:
Randy Stewart
Deputy Chief of Police
Phone (928) 669-1318
Fax Number (928) 669-8428

CRIT Law Enforcement Services
26600 Mohave Road
Parker, Arizona 85344












Welcome to the Colorado River Indian Tribes Website
We are currently in the process of updating our website and would appreciate your patience.

2 JUNE: CRIT Fair Expo Meeting 5:30PM CRIT Tribal Council Chambers.
4 JUNE: Summer Splash Event 10am-12pm CRIT Manataba Park
5 JUNE: CRIT Annual Education Banquet 6pm-9pm Bluewater Resort and Casino
6 JUNE: Deadline for Committee Vacancies
7 JUNE: CRIT Library presentation by IHS 10:30am
8 JUNE: Planning Meeting Summer Solstice Event AhaKhav Tribal Preserve 12pm-1pm
14 JUNE: CRIT Library presentation by Mike Gonzales Veteran Services 10:30am.
19 JUNE: Summer Family Reading Night 6pm-7:30pm CRIT Library
20 JUNE: CRIT Library presentation 6-8pm by Dovie Thomason.
27 JUNE: CRIT Library presentation by David Lucas 10:30am
28 JUNE: CRIT Library presentation by CRIT Injury Prevention Program 10:30am
30th JUNE: Career Development Deadline

Tourism Spotlight

Poston Monument
One of our top tourist attractions, the Poston Monument marks the location where more than 17,000 Japanese-Americans were interned during World War II. More...

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